Our Newly Released Innovative Lash Adhesive - Dark Energy

If you’ve been searching for a cutting-edge lash adhesive that will give your models the best results possible, then look no further! Our newly released innovative lash adhesive – Dark Energy is here to revolutionise your salon business. 

Boasting a unique blend of natural and synthetic fibres, this revolutionary formula creates a strong bond between lashes and extensions with unparalleled longevity and comfort. As an experienced lash technician or salon owner, you know just how important it can be to have an adhesive that works effectively while still maintaining the safety and satisfaction of your clients.

That’s why we believe our new product offers something truly special. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Dark Energy so groundbreaking!


Introducing our new lash adhesive

Scientists believe that dark matter and energy makes up approximately 85 percent of the universe's mass and energy– okay... so we're not talking about that dark matter. BUT, this can be compared to our new Dark Energy lash extension adhesive. Just hear us out.

We can't see dark matter with our own eyes, but we know it's there based on its gravitational pull that bends light passing by. This mysterious force also explains why galaxies don’t fly apart and instead remain intact.

Similarly, Dark Energy for lash extensions, in its nature, is an invisible force that has a powerful effect beyond what meets the eye! When it dries you won’t be able to see it and it holds lash extensions in place with its supreme strength.

This new product is a science-based upgrade of our previous Dark Matter and Dark Matter Pro lash adhesives. This adhesive works in every humidity and at any temperature. It has virtually no fumes and is a fast setting adhesive but it won’t dry out on your lash cup too quickly, unlike the normal adhesives in the market. 


Overview of its innovative benefits

If you're looking for lash adhesive that is as dark and mysterious as it is powerful, then you definitely need to check out Dark Energy. 

We all know that the perfect lash look can turn heads (in a good way). But finding the right adhesive to keep everything in place can be a challenge. Fear not, because we’ve done the work for you. This lash adhesive is a game-changer. 

Its innovative pitch black colour allows for a virtually undetectable bond with your natural lashes, resulting in a flawless, seamless look. 

Also, a single drop of Dark Energy stays fresh for up to 5 hours. No more need to interrupt your lash treatment to change the glue dot. This makes it ideal for longer applications, like creating volume fans.

And the retention is amazing! It's time to step up your lash game, and our Dark Energy lash adhesive is the answer.


How to apply dark energy

Looking for a lash adhesive that will keep lash extensions in place all day long? Look no further than Dark Energy lash adhesive! This product can also be used in conjunction with a range of our other products to create even more fabulous looks.

Use Posh Deluxe Lash Shampoo to wash the lashes before you start pre-treatment. Then apply Easy Wrap to prime the lashes, especially when hand making volume sets. Then create your lash looks following your usual routine using Dark Energy as an adhesive.

You can also boost the curing speed of the adhesive by applying Easy Wrap or Adhesive Superdry on the tip of the extensions while they are on the strip. Finalise the look by adding Superbonder to the bonded areas 3 minutes after finishing the set.

With Dark Energy as your secret weapon, your model’s will be batting their lashes all day and night with confidence!


Tips and tricks to get the best results 

Are you tired of redoing lash jobs when the extensions fall off midway through the day or feel heavy and uncomfortable? The secret to a perfect lash look lies in quality adhesive, and Dark Energy lash adhesive is here to save the day! 

This little bottle packed with intergalactic magic promises to keep your lashes intact all day (and night) long while ensuring maximum comfort. But wait, there's more! 

Getting the best results from your lash adhesive requires careful application and a few neat tricks up your sleeve. For instance, did you know that this adhesive can also be used on plastic surfaces such as flower cups, pink flower cups, ring cups, heart-shaped ring cups.

So, get ready to transform your lash game and leave a lasting impression with Dark Energy lash adhesive!


Wrap up - try the new innovative lash adhesive and experience its benefits!

Do you always want your lashes to stay put? Then try the new innovative lash adhesive and experience its amazing benefits! This product is a game-changer, making it so much easier to apply lashes and keep them in place all day long. 

Whether your model is going out for the night or just running errands, this adhesive has got you covered. It's easy to use and doesn't smear, meaning they can go about their day with impeccable lashes that look natural and flawless. Get ready to experience the magic of this revolutionary product – you and your models won't be disappointed!


Enhance your lash game with Dark Energy

In conclusion, Dark Energy is a revolutionary formula that provides maximum retention, an invisible bond with your lashes, and outstanding results. 

With its easy application process and helpful tips and tricks to get the best results when using it, this lash adhesive is the perfect addition to your lash styling kit. Have fun creating looks with your model's lashes and see all of the benefits that it can provide.

If you are looking to upgrade your eyelash extension services with maximum retention and invisible bond, look no further than our brand new lash adhesive – Dark Energy!