How to Keep Your Lash Adhesives Fresh

Taking good care of your lash adhesives isn't just a routine, it's a smart investment. These adhesives aren't exactly pocket change, and by preserving their freshness, you're saving yourself some hard-earned money.

Moreover, maintaining the quality of your lash adhesive directly translates to better retention for your clients. We all want those lash extensions to last, right? A well-preserved adhesive ensures a secure bond, making those lashes stay put for longer periods.

Additionally, neglecting your adhesive's care could lead to a clogged nozzle, disrupting the seamless flow during application. Keeping it clean and fresh not only extends its life but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free lash application process. So, let's make our lash adhesives last, save some bucks, and keep our clients smiling with long-lasting, stunning lashes!

Ready to level up your lash game? Let's talk about taking good care of your lash adhesives. Follow these simple tips to keep them fresh and your lash applications on point!

  1. Store it Right: Keep your lash adhesive and supplies in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Use sealed containers or pouches to keep them fresh.

  2. Temperature Matters: Keep things stable. Store your stuff between 64-77°F (18-25°C). Extreme temperatures can mess up your supplies, so let's keep it cozy. If you are unsure of the space temperature, you can use a digital hygrometer & thermometer to check this.

  3. Shake It Up: Give your adhesive a good shake before using it. We highly recommend using a Liquid Mixer to mix your lash glue. This helps mix it up without shaking it with your hands and gives you a much better glue consistency.

  4. Limit Air Exposure: Seal those bottles tight after using them. Less air exposure means longer shelf life for your adhesive and supplies.

  5. Hydration is Key: Protect your stuff from extra moisture. Use small, airtight glue containers with silica gel packs. This keeps everything from getting clumpy and helps your supplies stay potent.

  6. Opened Bottle Shelf-life: Keep an eye on expiration dates. If something's past its prime, it's time to let it go. Fresh supplies mean happy clients!

By following these easy tips for your lash adhesive and supplies, you'll keep everything fresh and your lash game strong. Share these tips with your lash buddies, and let's make everyone's lashes flawless!

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