Lash Aftercare 101: Maintaining Your Perfect Extensions

So, you've just stepped out of the salon with those fluttery, fabulous lash extensions that make your eyes pop. They're perfect, right? But wait, how do you keep them looking this gorgeous? Like any beauty routine, your lashes need a bit of TLC to stay glam. Here’s our guide to keep your lashes lush and lovely for as long as possible.

The Golden Rules of Lash Aftercare

  • The 24-Hour Rule: Patience is Key

First and foremost, water and your new lashes are not friends – at least for the first 24 hours. Allow your extensions to set and cure by avoiding showers, swimming, or steam rooms. We know it's a test of patience, especially for anyone who wants a refreshing shower after spending time in the salon, but trust us, it's worth it. But having said that, this has been a rule for many years. Nowadays, many lash artists tend to use innovative products that no longer need a waiting period for the adhesive to fully cure. If your lash artist is still using old generation products, then yes - you will need to follow this number 1 rule.

  • Cleaning 101: Be Gentle

Cleanliness is next to stunning lashes. Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser and a soft brush to clean the lashes delicately. When cleaning your face or applying makeup, it isn't the time for rough scrubbing – think gentle, soft, and careful touches. Keeping your lashes clean helps them last longer and keeps your eyes happy and healthy.

  • Steer Clear of Oil-Based Products

Oil and lash extensions don’t go well together. Oil-based products can weaken the adhesive or glue, causing premature lash loss. So, when choosing makeup removers and facial cleansers, choose oil-free options, and your lashes will thank you.

  • Say No to Mascara

Mascara is a must-have in many beauty routines; they’re like that old friend who's always been there. But with lash extensions, you won’t need it. Most mascaras contain oil or ingredients that might lead to lash loss – that’s definitely something to avoid. Plus, mascara can clump your extensions, making them look less than fabulous. Embrace the freedom and let your extensions do the heavy lifting!

  • A Little Brush Goes a Long Way

Lash grooming can make a huge difference. Use a clean spoolie brush to gently comb through your lashes daily. It keeps them neat and prevents tangles, crisscrossing or crooked lashes. It might seem unnecessary, but it’s easy to do once you incorporate it into your routine. Many people enjoy this process, finding it like a daily lash meditation.

  • Mind Your Sleeping Position

Are you a face-down sleeper? It's time to switch things up. Sleeping on your back is best for lash longevity and to avoid squashing those precious lashes. If you're a side sleeper, try a silk pillowcase. It's easier on your lashes and feels luxurious to boot. 

  • Regular Refills: Keeping It Fresh

Lashes have a life cycle, and extensions fall out with your natural lashes. Regular refills are essential to maintain that full, luscious look. Every 2-3 weeks is generally a good rhythm for a fresh appearance, but always follow your lash artist’s advice.

  • Water Activities: Proceed with Caution

Do you love a good sauna session or a dip in the pool? That’s fine, but you’ll want to be cautious. Excessive steam and chlorine can weaken the lash glue. If you can’t avoid water activities, consider wearing protective goggles.

  • When in Doubt: Ask the Pros

Feel free to ask your lash artist if you're unsure about something. They're like the wise sages of the lash world. We’re sure they'll guide you through any lash crisis with wisdom and grace.

There you have it – your roadmap to maintaining those perfect lash extensions. Remember, a little care goes a long way. Treat your lashes with love, and they’ll make your eyes sparkle every day. Keep fluttering those fabulous lashes, knowing you've got the smarts to keep them looking amazing.

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