The Best Eyelash Extension Accessories For Your Salon

As a passionate lash artist, you are probably looking for amazing lash products for your clients.

Well I have good news for you…

The Posh Deluxe range is created by world-renowned lash artists, with a focus on making high quality, innovative products that lash artists actually want and need!

When doing eyelash extensions, you want the best accessories and equipment available, so you can do your best work as an artist, and your clients can benefit from an even better end result.

To help you succeed in your lash journey, here are some of the best eyelash extension products for your salon.


Who said diamonds are a girl's best friend? We think it might actually be tweezers!

Okay maybe not, we’d like the diamonds too!

Professional tweezers are a big part of our jobs as lash artists, so investing in a good pair, and a few spares is important. Especially for those of us who are clumsy when it comes to dropping them.

These tweezers are incredibly sharp and incredibly precise.

All pairs have been hand-tested by our Posh Deluxe Multi-Award-winning Lash Artist, with 0.03 mega volume lashes to ensure you can use them for classic, natural volume and mega volume sets. You can have peace of mind that you are getting one of the highest quality lash tweezers on the market!

Our range of tweezers are designed for many different types of lashes,

but they all promise these key features and benefits;

  • Excellent for beginner and advanced lash artists
  • Perfect manual sharpening by professionals for perfect edge closures
  • Flawless grab to speed up your work! No more falling perfect fans!
  • Innovative unconventional shape to suit pinching points
  • Smooth pressure pick-up reduces fatigue in hand while doing your amazing work
  • Stylish satin finish for low-reflect effect
  • Anti-corrosive tweezers
  • Polished work surfaces do not damage eyelashes and prevent glue adhesion
  • Made with medical-grade stainless steel

So what are you waiting for?

Browse the range here.


Your workspace can quickly become cluttered with all of your lash extension tools, which is why we’ve designed acrylic organisers to help you keep everything neat and tidy.

We have organisers designed for storing those precious tweezers, lash trays, and even wand stands.

Our trays are made from sturdy top-quality acrylic, and will help you safely store your products in style. Our trays help ensure your products don’t get damaged when you aren’t using them, and help keep dust and other dirt off your tools.


Lash wands are a great product to offer to your clients, as it will help immensely with their aftercare. That’s why we’ve designed a range of incredibly cute AND effective wands.

Our wands are hand made, and are a high quality product. We even offer them in different styles, to offer your clients variety, and suit the vibe of your salon.

You can offer these to clients as a part of an aftercare package, or even just have them stocked for sale in your salon.

Eye Pads

Eye pads may not sound exciting, but they’re a big part of the work we do as lash artists!

Our eye pads make your job easier, as you no longer have to cut those long foam tapes. These are shaped specifically for the eyes.

They are perfect for clients who have sensitive skin, are allergic to chemical made eye pads, and you have a round eye shape.

They’re lint-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic and cruelty free!

Provide your customers with the best eyelash experience possible with our eye pads.

Posh Deluxe Liquid Mixer

The Posh Deluxe Liquid Mixer is here to help you save time. Gone are the days of shaking liquids with your wrist. You can save all that energy for the most important task: lashing.

Our liquid mixer offers a speed of 5000 RPM, compared to many other mixers that only offer 3000 RPM speed. This ensures your hard liquids mix well within 5 seconds.

With this exquisite mixer, you can mix anything;

  • Professional lash adhesives
  • Paints
  • Glues
  • Tattoo Ink
  • Pigments
  • Nail polishes
  • Other hard liquids

Magnifying Glasses with Led Light

This product is a wide visual angle lens helmet magnifier with LED light. It's appearance and lens are newly developed and designed to be applicable to various daily working environments not only with eyelash extensions magnification but also for other industries such as electronic repair, jewelry appraisal, clock and watch repair, carving, and handicraft.

Our magnifying glasses come with four lenses you can easily switch between. They make things look bigger by 1.5 times, 2.5 times, 3.5 times, and 5 times. 

The glasses also have lights that can be brighter or dimmer. This helps you see things better when you're working. You can change the brightness by pressing a button on the side of the glass frame.


There are so many amazing eyelash extension supplies that can help you deliver your customer the best salon experience. If you want to browse more of our products, designed with the real life experience of lash artists, visit the shop!

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