When Should You Raise Your Lash Prices?

There comes a point in every lash artist's career where they have to ask themselves the very important question: ‘When should I raise my prices?’

While this should be an exciting next step in your journey as a lash extension technician, many of us end up feeling a little scared to raise our prices. We wonder whether we will lose clients, and whether our work is truly worth it.

It’s important to remember that you are running a business, and people want your services. You shouldn’t be charging the same amount as when you were just beginning, as you are much later in your career.

So how do you know when you should start raising your prices?

You don’t want to undercharge for your hard work, so in this blog we will go through 4 of the top reasons you should start raising your prices.

Product Upgrade

As you continue along your career as a lash artist, naturally you will start to upgrade the tools and products you use. When you start buying higher quality products, you will find that the quality of your work also improves, and you have happier customers.

Upgrading your products will most likely be more expensive for you, so it makes sense that you should raise your prices to account for this extra cost of doing business.

Often clients won’t mind paying extra if it means they get higher quality eyelash extensions. Your quality of work will go up, and this will help you build a strong relationship with your clients, encouraging them to keep coming back because your work is worth what they’re paying.

You’ve Upskilled

As you continue to gain experience and grow as a lash artist, you will find that you’ve honed your skills. You’ll start doing better work for your clients, and this skill will show with the gorgeous eyelash sets you create.

When you feel like you’ve really begun mastering your art, it’s a great time to consider raising your prices. You’re no longer a novice, and you shouldn’t be charging for beginner work.

It’s also a good idea to raise your prices if you’ve started to upskill. Maybe you’ve taken a course to improve your skill set, and your prices should reflect that effort.

You should especially consider raising your prices if you’ve upskilled to offer a unique service that not everyone can provide.

Increase in Expenses

As costs of living continue to increase for various reasons (petrol prices, supply shortages, lack of manpower etc.), it’s a good time to start assessing whether you need to start putting your prices up.

You will be paying more just to conduct your normal business, whether it’s your transport or a jump in price of the products you use.

If you have an accountant, it’s a good idea to discuss your expenses and profits with them so you can make an informed and smart decision about how well your business is doing.

It can also be a good time to ask yourself “Am I better running my own business, or working for others?”

Whether you own your own salon or work for someone else as a lash artist, you need to be asking yourself these questions!

Increase in Popularity

Have you been getting an influx of bookings, with barely enough time to take them all on? Congratulations, you must be doing something amazing.

This growth in popularity is a good indicator that you should be charging more for your work, instead of losing time for yourself, loved ones and other things you have to do outside of work.

Think about a lash artist who makes $500 a day with 4 clients, vs. $500 a day with 8 clients.

You’ve proved to yourself that your services are that good and definitely need a price change.

Higher prices mean you can work smarter not harder, and enjoy a healthier work life balance by taking on less clients but getting paid the same.

This isn’t lazy, it’s just a reflection of all of the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point!

These 4 reasons are all good indications that you should be increasing your prices, and stop undercharging for your hard work. A good lash extension artist is priceless, and the clients worth having won’t mind if you increase your prices.

We hope this guide helps you start charging what you’re worth!

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