Consultation & Allergy Test

It might be a long-lasting dream that you have had to be able to sport the most beautiful eyelashes, and eyelash extensions are probably the only way in which you can realize that dream. However, you shouldn’t just make up your mind and go into a salon to get eyelash extensions. It is not a process that should be taken lightly, and if proper care is not taken, a lot of different complications may arise. The process of eyelash extension treatment involves the use of adhesives and other materials that are not naturally found in your body, and you need to tread with care and ensure that every precaution is taken if you do not want to face a problematic situation. Thereby, we suggest all future clients and other people who would like to get their lashes done in the future to do their research first before getting a treatment done somewhere else. Although many people take these precautions to be granted, we at Posh Deluxe certainly do not, and thereby, if you choose to help yourself attain your dream look, we need you to visit our salon before starting the treatment of getting extensions done on your eyelashes.

We encourage you to visit our consultation sessions, in order to attain a comprehensive knowledge about the allergies, retention issues, risks and other associated factors that involve getting an eyelash extension for yourself. In these consultation sessions, our patient and helpful expert will explain each of the aforementioned factors to you in a detailed and comprehensive manner, so that you can understand clearly everything that would be concerned with the treatment. We also need to make sure that your natural lashes are strong enough to undergo an eyelash extension treatment. Although, a very harsh reality to face, some people are simply not suited to wear eyelash extensions. The eyelash strength and health is an important determining factor that would help us decide whether you are suitable for the treatment or not, and we conduct a rigorous checking in order to ensure that your eyelashes comply with the safety standards that are a requisite for this treatment. If ignored and allowed to proceed irrespective of the fact that you might not be a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions, irreparable damage to your natural eyelashes might occur, even leading to permanent loss of all your eyelashes.

Here at Posh Deluxe, our main motto is to ensure your safety first, and therefore we recommend that you visit us first before applying for a complete set. We will do an allergy test and conduct a test to check the health of your lashes. A lot of people might be wanting to have great looking lashes with the help of this innovative extension treatment but not having healthy lashes leaves them vulnerable to irreparable damage and we can never allow that to happen knowingly. Some people also have the flair for the dramatic and wish to go overboard with their extension treatment, despite having weak lashes that could only sustain simple extension procedures. It is a complete no-no to go overdramatic in cases such as these and we ensure that such a step that you will be bound to regret is not taken from your end. The maximum length that we can put prior to the lashes that you naturally have is 2mm. Anything above this limit has the potential of damaging your lashes and we do not recommend it. When it comes to thickness, in the case that your natural lashes are very thin we will never allow you to proceed for a mega volume treatment, even if the extensions that we are making use of is 0.03mm thin. If allowed to proceed further, you would end up making a decision that you would regret, as going overboard might be too heavy and can cause acute damage to your natural lashes.

The allergy test is another important part of the various precautionary services that we provide. It is important to conduct this test in order to minimize the chances of an allergic reaction. A basic procedure, akin to the steps that are taken during a classic eyelash extension is carried out in this method. One eyelash extension is attached to one natural eyelash of yours, and a total of 30 such eyelashes are attached with 15 being allotted to the right eye and 15 being allotted to the left. We will be able to ascertain whether you have any allergic reactions to the procedure if you start showing signs of irritations after some time of the procedure having been completed. This will give us a clear idea about the conditions that you have. If you happen to show signs of an allergic reaction 48 hours before the day of the treatment, we will not proceed to the completion of the full set. We recommend that you visit your doctor immediately and get your eye checked in the worst case scenario of an allergic reaction. We are always present here at Posh Deluxe to assist you with removing the extensions that have been attached to your natural eyelashes as part of the allergy test. It must be noted that there is no guarantee that you will not develop allergies on the day of your complete treatment if you haven’t developed one post your patch test. Allergies are something that can grow over time and therefore we proceed with a patch test, even on the day of the consultation, in order to ensure that you are good to go ahead with the complete treatment.

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