Eyelash Growth Serum

Every client dreams of having longer, fuller, fabulous lashes that captivate with every flutter. Make that a reality with your lash artistry and our eyelash growth serum. A lash artist founded Posh Deluxe for lash artists, and we have the solution you've been searching for. Your clients can say goodbye to applying mascara daily and hello to the natural beauty of their lashes enhanced by our eyelash growth serum.

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The Power of Eyelash Growth Serum

How often does a client come to you with concerns about short, sparse lashes? At Posh Deluxe, we understand the allure of luxurious lashes and offer a lash growth serum, Australia-wide, designed to help lash artists and beauty professionals achieve stunning results for their clients. Our innovative lash serum for growth is the perfect addition to your routine. 

Here’s why our eyelash growth serum is a game-changer in the lash industry:

  • Longer & Fuller Lashes: Our supply of InstaLash eyelash growth serum promotes eyelash growth, resulting in longer and thicker lashes. Give your clients natural, fluffy eyelashes without the limitations of mascara.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Our serums are trusted by lash artists and beauty professionals across Australia. We understand the high standards of the beauty industry, and our products deliver the exceptional results you and your clients expect.
  • Safe & Effective: Safety is a must-have in the lash business. That's why our lash growth serum in Australia is carefully crafted with safe, innovative ingredients, ensuring lash health while enhancing their beauty. You can confidently use our serums without compromising eye safety.
  • Innovative Ingredients: At the heart of our LashBOOST SERUM is the patented WIDELASH®. This unique ingredient, derived from Biotinyl-GHK, stimulates lash growth, adding volume and length to lashes.
  • Rapid Results: In 15 days, you'll see significant changes in your clients' lashes with our LashBOOST SERUM. Increased length, thickness, density, and strength are the hallmarks of our serums. Your client's lashes will be longer, fuller, and more resilient.
  • Suitable for All: Our eyelash growth serum is versatile and ideal for all lash types. Whether you're working with clients who have naturally thin lashes or individuals who want to maximise their natural volume, our serum is the perfect choice.

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The Science Behind Our Eyelash Growth Serum

More than just a beauty product, our lash serum for growth has been thoughtfully formulated. What sets Posh Deluxe eyelash growth serum apart is the science that powers it:

  • Root Application: Our eyelash growth serum is applied at the base of the lashes, ensuring immediate absorption into the hair follicles. The product penetrates directly where each lash begins, promoting growth from the roots.
  • Long-Lasting Impact: Unlike standard eyelash serums that rely on addictive substances and provide temporary results, our natural eyelash conditioner leaves a lasting effect. It strengthens and moisturises lashes at their base, even after treatment ends.
  • Active Ingredients: Enriched with various active ingredients that benefit lash health, including WIDELASH®, Plant Keratin, Pea Peptide, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and more. Each ingredient contributes to enhancing a flawless lash appearance.

How to Apply Our Eyelash Growth Serum

  1. Remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse the eye area using a gentle facial cleanser.
  2. Apply the lash serum for growth at the base of the eyelashes.
  3. Allow the serum to be absorbed for gorgeous, long lashes.

Elevate Your Lash Artistry with Our Eyelash Growth Serum

The path to long, luxurious lashes starts here. As a lash artist, your clients trust you to provide stunning results, and Posh Deluxe is here to help you achieve that. Our eyelash growth serum is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and safety. Choose Posh Deluxe for excellence in the lash industry. Order from us today and take your lash artistry to new lengths.

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Grow and heal your lashes & brows with LashBOOST SERUM 5ml LashBOOST SERUM visibly lengthens and thickens your eyelashes and eyebrows in just 15 days! Choose eyelash and eyebrows care consciously ensuring your hair are healthy and have a fuller look...

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