Three beauty products: adhesive booster, wrap perfecto, and super bonder, displayed with dropper tops.

lash pre-treatment liquids


Make your lashes last longer consistently and keep clients coming back for all the right reasons. Forget trying to figure out the right humidity and PH levels for your glue to work.

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We’ve put together all the essentials you need to start nailing your lash retention like a pro.

Ultimate Trio Bundle

- Lash Shampoo - 60ml

- Wrap Perfecto - 15ml

- Superbonder - 10ml

- Good for 100-150 clients





Elite Bundle

- Lash Shampoo - 60ml

- Wrap Perfecto - 15ml

- Superbonder - 10ml

- Elite Bond Adhesive - 5ml





Lash Booster Pack

- Lash Shampoo - 60ml

- Wrap Perfecto - 15ml

- Superbonder - 10ml

- Glue Control - 6.5ml

- Adhesive Booster - 6.5ml





Lash Faster

Make your lash process easier and quicker with even better results.

Charge Higher

Justify a higher price for your services by ensuring long-lasting lashes for your clients.

Retain Clients

Get texts from your clients about how happy they are, not because their lashes fell out.

don’t let lash retention issues break your business

Problems with lash retention and stickies lead to unhappy clients that keep coming back for all the wrong reasons.

No wonder so many lash artists are feeling like giving up and are frustrated about having to fix lashes again for free.

Because you’re doing your best work, but still end up getting bad results because of things that are outside of your control like humidity and PH Levels.

I nearly wanted to quit before I had this

Feel like you’ve tried everything from different humidity settings to all types of glues, yet you’re still having a problem with retention?

Don’t worry, I was there myself too, feeling like quitting after another unhappy client texted telling me her lashes didn’t last the night.

That’s why we created our very own lash retention products crafted in Germany to guarantee long-lasting results and solve this problem for good.

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How to

Improving lash retention is easy

Use this simple process every time to give yourself the best chances of retaining your lashes consistently.

Pink cosmetic products, including a bottle and applicator, placed on a reflective surface with white and red flowers in the background.

Step #1 - Wash

Wash client’s lashes with the Lash Shampoo. Clean the natural lashes to eliminate dirt, oils, and dead skin cells before the application for better retention.

A bottle of beauty serum with a dropper beside pink flowers on a pink surface.

Step #2 - Prime

Prepare the natural lashes with Wrap Perfecto, which hydrates and balances their pH level while improving the adhesive bond.

Two bottles of Elite Bond adhesive with golden caps, surrounded by pink and beige flowers.

Step #3 - Apply Glue

Start working your magic. Apply the lashes using the glue of your choice as usual.

Gold bottle with dropper labeled 'B Super Bonder' on leafy background.

Step #4 - Apply Superbonder

After finishing the set, wait for 3 minutes then apply the Superbonder on the bonded areas to completely cure the adhesive.

The Tools Every Lash Artist must Have

Here is everything you need to make your lashes retain perfectly every time without the added headaches.

Lash Artist Essentials

Lash Shampoo

Dirty lashes can doom your retention before you even start!

Posh Deluxe’s lash shampoo is designed to help you clean the natural lashes before the application for better retention and to eliminate dirt, oils, and dead skin cells leaving healthy and happy looking lashes!


Pink and gold bottle of lash shampoo for eyelash extensions against a gradient pink background.

Lash Artist

Small bottle of 'Wrap Perfecto' serum with dropper, set against a pink gradient background.

Lash Artist

Lash Artist Essentials

Wrap Perfecto | 15ml

Enhances the adhesive bond for better retention and more.

Wrap Perfecto Innovative Lash Primer hydrates the natural lashes, balancing the pH level of the natural lashes and enhancing the adhesive bond for better retention.

Thanks to innovations in lash science, our proprietary formula acts as a magnet for your lash adhesive. Wrap Perfecto causes the extensions to snugly hug the natural lash, creating bulletproof retention.

And that's not all. Wrap Perfecto also does everything a regular primer does — removes sebum, opens cuticles and speeds up setting time — without dehydrating natural lashes.


Lash Artist Essentials


Cures adhesive instantly & improves lash retention by up to 30%!

Our Superbonder is the game-changing product transforming the lash industry. The original formula made in Germany, it's the first of its kind in the market and is making a big impact in the world of lashes.

Superbonder maximises lash retention that quickly cures lash adhesive within seconds! It blocks adhesive fumes completely. And the best part, no more waiting 24 hours before clients can get their lashes wet.


Gold bottle labeled 'Super Bonder' with a white dropper, against a pink gradient background.

Lash Artist

Lip gloss bottle labeled 'Volumizing Booster' with a black cap and gold accent on a pink and white background.

Adhesive Booster

Wave goodbye to stickiness.

Designed for lash artists facing sluggish drying times or pesky sticky problems, Adhesive Booster is a game-changer.

This revolutionary product lives up to its name, turbocharging the curing process of any lash adhesive on the market. With Adhesive Booster, your glue will cure within a second, giving you more time to create stunning lash masterpieces.


Glue Control

For the custom fans lovers.

Glue Control is an eyelash adhesive stopper designed to eliminate stickies.

Glue Control prevents your lash adhesive from travelling up and closing your lash fans. It works with all eyelash adhesives.

Apply it with a brush 1mm from the bottom of the lash line (while lashes are still on the glue strip) and work as you normally would.


Clear blue 'Glam Control' lip gloss bottle with a black cap and gold accents against a pink gradient background.

Make Lash Retention Easy

The ultimate suite of lash retention products. Say goodbye to problems with lash retention and stickies.

No more unhappy clients that keep coming back for all the wrong reasons.

Lash Faster

Skip most of the time consuming and frustrating trial and error you usually need to get a perfect result.

Charge Higher

The longer your lashes last and the better they look, the more valuable they are to your customers.

Retain Clients

Better lash retention = better client retention. Keep your clients coming back to you.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how long these lashes lasted after even 7 weeks by using Posh Deluxe’s retention products.

Person getting eyelash extensions with pads under their eyes.

After 2 Weeks

A close-up of a person getting eyelash extensions applied.

After 3 Weeks

A close-up of a person's eye with eyelash extensions applied and covered with protective tape.

After 4 Weeks

Close-up of an eye with lash extensions and under-eye pads.

After 5 Weeks

Close-up of a person with long, curled eyelashes lying down.

After 7 Weeks

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Wrap Perfecto 15ml | New Innovation Lash Primer - pH Balancer


Wrap Perfecto 6.5ml | New Innovation Lash Primer - pH Balancer


Superbonder 10ml


Posh Deluxe Lash Shampoo 60ml with Brush


Glue Control 6.5ml


Adhesive Booster 6.5ml


Supreme Bond Adhesive 5ml


Elite Bond Adhesive 5ml


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Get our lash retention guide for free and learn the exact processes we use with these products.

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