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Posh Deluxe Alcohol-free Lash Primer pH 7.0


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Unlock the Secret to Perfect Lash Extensions:

Are you tired of struggling with lash extensions that don't seem to hold up as long as you'd like? Or are lashes poping off while you're doing them? Posh Deluxe Lash Primer pH 7.0 is here to revolutionise your lash extension experience. Designed to be used before the application of eyelash extensions, our Lash Primer is a critical step in your beauty routine that ensures your glue adheres flawlessly and lasts longer.

Posh Deluxe Lash Primer pH 7.0

  • Residue Removal: Our Lash Primer is expertly formulated to effectively remove any residual cosmetics or oils from your natural lashes. This essential step guarantees a clean and oil-free canvas, allowing your lash extensions to adhere securely without interference.

  • Optimal pH Balance: With a perfectly balanced pH of 7.0, our primer gently opens the lash cuticles, preparing them for the bonding process. This pivotal step enhances the connection between your natural lashes and the adhesive, resulting in an extension that stays in place, looking beautiful for weeks.

Why Posh Deluxe Lash Primer pH 7.0 Matters:

  • Improved Retention: By utilising our Lash Primer, you significantly enhance the retention of your lash extensions. The better the bond, the longer your extensions will last, maintaining their stunning appearance.

  • Clean and Residue-Free: Say goodbye to worries about makeup remnants or oils compromising your lash extension application. Our primer guarantees a clean slate for a perfect bonding process.

  • Optimal pH Balance: The pH 7.0 balance in our alcohol-free primer ensures a safe and effective way to prep your lashes with minimal risk of irritation and overdrying the natural lashes.

How to Use:

  1. Begin your lash extension application process by thoroughly cleansing your natural lashes and eyes with our Lash Shampoo.

  2. Apply a small amount of Posh Deluxe Lash Primer pH 7.0 to a lint-free applicator or microfiber brush.

  3. Gently brush the primer along the length of your natural lashes, especially the bases of the natural lashes where the adhesive will be bonded.

  4. Allow the primer to dry for a few seconds before proceeding with your lash extension application. The primer will create the ideal surface for the adhesive to bond seamlessly.


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Posh Deluxe Alcohol-free Lash Primer pH 7.0

Posh Deluxe Alcohol-free Lash Primer pH 7.0