Helping Your Clients Choose the Right Lash Curls

As a lash artist you know that eyelashes aren’t one size fits all. Everyone is unique.

Understanding the various shapes, thicknesses, lengths, and curls of lashes and how they compliment specific facial features will massively boost your business.

Use a chart

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, it can always help to have a guide for yourself and your clients.

An eyelash extension chart will help you compare the different aspects of the lashes and how each aspect can change the look.

This will allow you to demonstrate the options they have for the perfect curl and what it could look like. This also eliminates the chances of shock or dissatisfaction with the end product.

Types of Curls

Lash curls are categorised on the angle of their curvature, including from straight, downwards and upwards.

While there is a large range of curls to choose from, like anything some are more popular than others.

The most popular curls for lash extensions are:

  • J - elongates lashes but doesn’t provide much curl; the perfect curl for a soft natural look;
  • B - lifts while staying natural;
  • C - opens the eyes by lifting lashes;
  • CC - similar to the C curl but more substantial lift;
  • D - the curliest upwards curl, perfect for clients with downwards angled lashes who want a dramatic look.
  • DD - It's similar to D but stronger curled lashes
  • M - perfect for straight lashes to open up the eyes
  • L - popular curl for eyeliner effect

Each client’s perfect curl will be different based on the following features.


The length of your clients natural eyelashes and their desired length will make a difference to which curl is best.

It’s common for clients to want the longest, most luscious lashes, but it’s your job to guide them towards what will suit them best.

If the extensions are too long they could face either retention issues, or not holding the desired curl, or touching the client’s eyelids.


The volume of the extensions will also affect the client’s set you choose.

It’s important to remember that more voluminous lashes can be lighter or heavier. Ensure that you know your lash weight guide to prevent lash damages.

If your client’s natural lashes are thinner, applying and attempting to curl heavy lashes is likely to cause problems also as they won’t be able to form the necessary bond and will therefore fall out prematurely.

Eye shape

The shape, size and orientation of your client’s eyes will also play a part in determining the perfect curl.

Smaller eyes call for more understated extensions while medium or larger eyes have a wider scope.

Eyes also come in a range of shapes, including round, almond, protruding and downturned. The shape will determine which curl will look best.

It is highly recommended to understand eye styling to confidently pick the right style for your client’s eyes.


This is all to say that it’s important to have an in-depth discussion regarding the client’s existing features and desired curl, length and volume before deciding on the extensions.

At Posh Deluxe, we have a wide range of false eyelashes in a variety of lengths, volumes and curls.

Once you’re feeling confident with the curls, don’t be scared to combine a variety of looks to create the perfect lashes for your clients.

Once you know the basics, get creative!

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