The Ultimate Guide to Superbonder for Lash Artists

The Ultimate Guide to Superbonder for Lash Artists

Why Every Lash Artist Needs Superbonder

As a lash artist, your primary goals are to provide safe, high-quality services to your clients, ensure their comfort, and achieve the best possible lash retention. Superbonder is a revolutionary product designed to help you achieve all of these goals effortlessly. Here’s why Superbonder should be a staple in your lash toolkit:

Protect Your Clients from Harmful Adhesive Fumes

One of the main concerns with lash extensions is the potential for clients to be exposed to harmful adhesive fumes after finishing the set. Superbonder effectively neutralises these fumes, creating a safer and more comfortable experience for your clients before opening their eyes. By using Superbonder, you are taking an extra step to protect your clients' eyes and overall health.

Maximise Lash Retention

Superbonder works by curing the adhesive from the inside out, which helps to create a stronger bond between the natural lash and the extension. This means that your clients' lashes will last longer and look better between fills. No more worrying about premature lash fallouts – with Superbonder, you can be confident that your work will last.

No More Waiting 24 Hours to Wash Lashes

Traditionally, clients are advised to avoid getting their lashes wet for 24 hours after application to ensure the adhesive sets properly. With Superbonder, this waiting period is a thing of the past. Superbonder speeds up the curing process, allowing clients to wash their lashes immediately after their appointment. This is a huge convenience for clients and a great selling point for your services.

Why Choose the Original Superbonder Made in Germany?

When it comes to choosing a Superbonder, quality matters. Here’s why the Original Superbonder, made in Germany, stands out from the rest:

  • Safe Raw Products: The Original Superbonder is made with safe, high-quality raw materials, ensuring that you are using a product that is both effective and safe for your clients.
  • Followed Safety Protocols: Rigorous safety protocols are followed during the production process, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
  • Trial & Tested in German Lab: The Original Superbonder has been extensively trialed and tested in German laboratories, guaranteeing its performance and reliability.
  • Used by Millions of Lash Artists Worldwide: Trusted by lash artists around the globe, the Original Superbonder has proven its effectiveness time and time again.
  • First Lash Innovation to Change the Lash World: The Original Superbonder is a groundbreaking product that has revolutionised the lash industry, setting a new standard for lash adhesive technology.

Posh Deluxe Superbonder: The Original at Its Best

Posh Deluxe Superbonder takes all the benefits of the Original Superbonder and makes them available to you because we work with that specific German lab. It is the ultimate choice for lash artists who want the best for their clients. 

By incorporating Superbonder into your lash routine, you are not only enhancing the quality of your services but also prioritising the safety and satisfaction of your clients. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Posh Deluxe Superbonder and experience the difference for yourself. Get yours here.

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