Tips On How To Prepare Your New Lash Extension Clients

It can be super exciting to get a new client, especially one who is looking for a long term relationship with you! However, it's crucial to handle the communication at these early stages smoothly, especially for someone who has never had eyelash extensions before.

First time clients may often have very little knowledge on the eyelash extension process, so they can have unrealistic expectations or demands. Having a good chat before their first appointment can help save you both a lot of time and worry.

It’s a great opportunity to show your expertise, and help guide them towards their ideal set of lashes!

Always have a briefing session before a new appointment

Whenever you get a new client, it’s important that they understand what is involved with your lash extension service.

Being able to explain the process thoroughly and warn clients of potential outcomes helps build trust and can save you from ruining your reputation.

It’s vital that they know they will need to come in for infill appointments for the best results, and that there are many factors that will affect how their new eyelash extensions will look.

It can also be an opportunity to run through any of your policies, so the client understands what their responsibility is!

How do you have a briefing session?

Depending on how your booking system works, it may change how you handle this process! If you take a lot of bookings over social media or online, you can give a written briefing of how the process works, using a questionnaire allows you to ask any questions you may need answering in advance of their appointment.

However, many lash techs like to have this conversation in person. This gives the customer a chance to get acquainted and comfortable with you and your salon, and it allows you to see the condition of their natural lash or existing extensions in person.

You can have this conversation before their first appointment, or book a pre-appointment to avoid any disappointment.

This way you can determine whether extensions are possible, and how best to advise the client.

It’s really up to you how you handle this! Not everyone wants to have a whole separate appointment to discuss this, but it is important that your client is informed!

Things to consider discussing before an appointment

Do they wear contacts? - it’s good to remind clients to either wear their glasses or bring their contact lens case

Do they have any allergies or known irritations? - you can always do a patch test to determine whether your product is going to cause any eye irritation!

Are they comfortable keeping their eyes closed for long periods of time? - being able to sit still with their eyes closed is essential to you being able to do your job, so it’s good to know upfront if there are any reasons they might struggle with this!

Come with a clean face and clean lashes - we all know the pain of a client coming with eye makeup already applied, you can avoid this by reminding them to not wear any makeup before their lash appointment.

Are they planning for an event or special occasion? - Some clients may be getting a glamorous set of lashes for an upcoming event. To ensure their lashes will be looking their best, it’s good if you know when this event is, so you can let them know if they will need an infill beforehand.

Keep communicating!

Communication is essential to the lashing process, and this shouldn’t stop after the first session!

After each lash extension appointment you probably already reminded your clients about the importance of aftercare and keeping their lashes clean. Having an after care sheet is highly recommended.

It’s also a great time to make sure the client is happy with their new lashes, and if they want to make any changes in the future.

This communication can help you build strong, long lasting lash relationships! You want your clients to trust you and feel confident in asking you questions and advice.

Remember, you’re the expert

Of course we all want to do everything we can to make our clients happy, but often if you try to account for every little request and demand you end up hurting yourself more.

It’s important to remind yourself that you’re the expert here, and often the client might not understand that their expectations are not always possible. It’s a great chance to use all the knowledge and expertise you’ve worked hard for to guide a client to their best set of lashes.

As the expert you will always know what the best volume and style is best for your clients, and this can be explained to them!

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