How To Attract High End Lash Clients

As you continue to grow your lash business, you will want to start bringing in high end lash clients.

The best clients don’t mind paying extra for their infills and other appointments if it means they are getting better quality lashes.

Often these clients will also take better care of their lashes.

Remember that your clients are a reflection of your art and work; if they don’t take good care of their lashes, it could end up reflecting poorly on your reputation and work ethic despite no fault of your own.

Our salon has already applied these tips and seen amazing results, with happier clients and happier lash artists! It’s a complete win-win situation.

So how do you do this for your own lash salon?

4 Things You Need To Attract High Quality Clients

Great Lash Knowledge

You need to invest in yourself! Your lash knowledge is the foundation for all of your work, and it is something that you will carry with you for your entire lashing career.

Make sure that you are always improving your skills and honing your craft. This will make your services worth paying more for, and attract those clients who want only the best.

Having an in-depth knowledge on lashing will also allow you to give even better customer service and advice to your existing clients.

Some good ideas to expand your knowledge and skills include enrolling in training courses, entering competitions, and talking with your fellow lash artists on social media!

Product Quality

If you want to attract high quality clients who are willing to invest in your business, then you need to have high quality products.

You can’t expect a client to pay you a lot while you spend less than average for them. Cheap products result in cheap quality of work, while good quality products retain well and produce more stunning sets.

This includes products such as your lashes, tweezers, adhesives, and the aftercare products you offer your clients.

This can also include having high end accessories and other products in your salon that improve the overall atmosphere of your workspace, while providing that extra touch of elegance to your clients experience.

Talk About Retention

If you don’t have your retention sorted, then you won’t be able to keep these clients! It’s important to have ongoing communication with your clients to ensure that they have the best retention experience possible!

Make sure to ask lots of questions about the products they use, and make sure they are informed on how best to care for their eyelash extensions.

Each client is unique, and so different people may have slightly different lash growth cycles. It’s important to monitor each individual so that you can best advise them on when to come in for an infill.

This extra effort will definitely pay off, as many clients appreciate this personalised service and attention to detail. It is all these little things that help you secure the best clients out there!

And as we mentioned earlier, it’s incredibly important that you have a good quality product, including your adhesive, to ensure that your clients' lash extensions have the best life available.

Produce Top-Notch Lashes

The final step is to produce those top notch lash sets! At the end of the day your clients want a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions that will have them feeling confident and beautiful.

All of the previous tips will help you achieve these amazing results, but it’s great if you can go the extra mile.

Providing your clients with consistently high quality work, as well as styling advice can help you attract those who are willing to pay the extra dollar!

Once you’ve achieved this, you can let your work speak for itself!

Start Investing in Yourself & Your Salon

These tips are a great way for lash artists to start developing their business and their craft.

Happy clients will also naturally promote your services to other high end clientele through word of mouth.

Just imagine if you could charge for infill what you are now charging for full sets? You could completely transform your business and your life.

For high quality products for your salon, explore the entire Posh Deluxe range today!

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