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Isolation Elite Tweezers | ISO-04 Angel


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You'll be isolating lashes like you are in heaven with Angel!

A just-right weight to get in control to help shaky hand from going all over the place!

Angel isolation tweezers can grab up to 5D volumes! They are that precise!

Key Features:

  • One of the HIGHEST QUALITY ISOLATION TWEEZERS in the lash market.
  • Excellent for beginner and advanced lash artists.
  • Perfect manual sharpening by professionals for perfect edge closures.
  • Innovative unconventional shape to suit pinching points.
  • Smooth close & release pressure reduces fatigue in hand while doing your amazing work.
  • Stylish satin finish for low-reflect effect.
  • Anti-Corrosive Tweezers
  • Polished work surfaces do not damage eyelashes and prevent glue adhesion.
  • Made with medical stainless steel

For Professional Use Only

Keep out of reach of Children

All tools must be cleaned thoroughly every after use.

Recommended Cleaning Method:

  1. It is important to wear your gloves when cleaning your tools.
  2. Remove adhesive from tweezers using a professional adhesive remover.
  3. Wash tweezers with warm soapy water to remove body oils and dirt.
  4. Completely submerge tweezers in a disinfectant solution for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remove the tweezers from the solution, wear gloves, and rinse thoroughly with running water.
  6. Make sure the tweezers are completely dry before storing them away.
  7. Properly store disinfected tweezers in a clean, covered container.

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Isolation Elite Tweezers | ISO-04 Angel

Isolation Elite Tweezers | ISO-04 Angel