Benefits of Using Pre-Made Lashes

When running a successful beautician clinic you’re sure to be constantly searching for new ways to improve the quality and efficiency of your products and services.

Premade lashes are a great way to create stunning looks quickly and with ease. They’re perfect for beginners who are still undergoing training and learning to enhance and perfect their lash skills.

You can save time and make more clients even happier by using pre-made lashes to create dramatic and voluminous looks in half the time it takes to create one handmade fan.

Quicker Application

Handmade lashes can take up to three hours to perfect, which is time that many clients may not have available. Pre-made volume fans are much quicker to apply as they are already heat bonded into shape and ready to apply.

The quicker application means you can get more client’s lashes done in a day, as you’ll be spending around an hour with a client instead of three plus. This is great for your business as you’ll quickly begin to increase your clientele and in turn your earnings.

Dramatic Volume with Ease

Pre-made volume fans are designed to help you quickly create beautiful volume looks with ease.

Being able to create stunning fans and dramatic looks is a great skill to learn, however it can take a lot of time and practice to perfect. So, in the meantime, premade lashes are ideal if you are still learning how to perfect handmade volume lash looks, but still want to offer the best services and looks to your clients.

Perfect Symmetry

Learning to create perfectly symmetrical fans by hand with classic lashes is a skill that you will learn quickly with training and practice, but until you perfect it, premade lashes can help you create stunning and symmetrical fans with ease.

Simple Hybrid Looks

Your clients will likely be desiring unique looks that help them stand out from the crowd and look even more amazing for special events. The best way to provide this is by combining techniques and creating hybrid looks.

With classic lashes you can be constrained to certain looks, but with premade lashes you have access to a wider range of dimensions and diameters. By combining these different lashes you will be able to create outstanding hybrid natural volume looks for your clients.

Lighter Lashes

Many premade lashes weigh less than classic lashes as they are bonded together using heat rather than glue.

Handmade volume fans are best bonded with the use of glue, as you will be applying the lash extensions directly to your client’s natural lash.

Lighter lashes are better for your client’s natural lashes and are more likely to last longer. Which in turn will ensure your clients are happier for longer.

Whether you’re just starting out in the lash industry and still trying to learn all the tricks of the trade, or are an experienced lash artist who is just trying to save time for both yourself and your clients, premade fans can make your lash life so much quicker and stress-free.

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