How Important is Your Eyelash Extension Length and Diameter?

As a beautician you will already know that every little thing matters, but do you know the full extent of the importance of your choices?

Learning the importance of lash extension lengths and diameters will highly enhance your artistry and ability to provide your clients with the best, most beautiful looks and long lasting lashes.

When creating natural lash looks, it is important to take into consideration the type of lashes that your clients want but also your client’s natural lashes and what they can handle.

So, here is a guide to the importance of and tips to help you choose the right diameter and length for your client’s lash extensions.


Choosing the perfect lash diameter is essential to ensuring the lashes look absolutely stunning and as natural as possible. The diameter will also determine how long they stay on.

When deciding on the thickness of the lashes you have to consider the design and look you are trying to create first and foremost. But it is also essential to take into account the condition of your client’s natural lashes and their eye shape.

If your client has a fine natural lashes then they are unlikely to be able to support the weight of thick lashes for very long if at all. It’s best that you know the lash weight rule. It’s one of the important things that we teach in our lash courses. In general, the smaller the diameter lash you are using, the lighter the extensions will be.

So, while your client may want thicker lashes it is important that you explain the risks and try to find another option that will give your client the lash style that they want that will also last.

If you are having trouble deciding on the perfect lash thickness it can help to measure your client’s natural eyelashes against your extensions. This can help you assess the rough diameter and the weight that their lashes can handle without falling off prematurely.


The lash length also depends on both the desired style and condition of your client’s natural lashes. You can also mix different lash lengths to create hybrid looks.

As a rule shorter extensions are best for the inner and outer corners of your client’s eyes while longer lashes from 9-13mm are predominantly used for the rest of the set. But this is just a guideline, if your client’s want longer lashes that is entirely up to your judgement whether their natural lashes will hold them.

In the case that your client really wants longer lashes, you could also consider creating a hybrid look by adding a 2mm longer lashes to the regular length set and create a wispy or spike effect. This can ensure they get length and longevity from their extensions.

Longer lashes are recommended for client’s with hooded or droopy eyelids, as their lashes tend to hide under their eyelids.

The desired curl can also help determine the length of the lash extensions. If the curl is strong then the extensions will appear shorter, so it’s important to use longer extensions.

Lashes that are too long can also cause discomfort to your client as they will touch their eyelids and cause them to itch. And if they scratch, they might dislodge their extensions and cause them to fall out.
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