The Best Volume Elite Tweezers for Lash Application

Finding the best tweezers for applying lashes can be a trial and error process as each artist has unique taste. In saying this, there are qualities that we know all lash artists need their tweezers to have and be able to do.

Today we want to discuss our Volume Elite Tweezers range. This range was professionally designed, exclusively for our Posh Deluxe brand. They have all been hand-tested and approved by our multi-award winning lash artist.

First, let’s take a look at what they all have in common, and then we’ll take a look at each of them individually.


These tweezers can all be purchased individually, however they also match nicely together as a set with coordinated designs.

All of these tweezers have a stylish matte grey finish with the tweezer’s name printed on the end in clear black font so you can easily distinguish which is which while you’re busy multitasking.

They all encourage perfect grip with non-slip gripping along the sides, so you’ll always be in full control of the angle with no risk of slipping. This also ensures smooth pressure pick-up which reduces fatigue in hand while creating mega volume fans.

The edges are manually sharpened by professionals to ensure the sharpest point and perfect edge closures.

These high quality tweezers are made with medical-grade stainless steel and are anti-corrosive with polished work surfaces making them safe for eyelashes and protected against glue adhesion.

The Volume Elite Tweezers are some of the highest quality tweezers available and are excellent for beginner and advanced lash artists alike.

Now, let’s take a look at each of the tweezers in this range individually.

PRO-01 Spike

The PRO-01 Spike lash tweezers have a perfectly accentuated L shaped 70 degree curve that enables strong pressure and grip on false lashes.

L shaped lash extension tweezers are the ideal tool for creating stunning handmade volume fans with ease. They also make it easier to pick up and attach the individual lashes to your client’s natural lashes.

PRO-02 Crescent

The PRO-02 Crescent volume tweezers have a soft curved edge.

These subtle, S shaped lash extension tweezers are ideal for picking up fans and attaching them when creating volume lash extension. Curved tweezers are especially great for creating medium to wider fans.

These are also the most popular handmade volume tweezers in the Volume Elite Range.

PRO-03 Swan

The PRO-03 Swan tweezers have a sharp 85 degree boot angle, they are a slightly more dramatic L shape version of the PRO-01 Spike tweezers.

They are the ideal pair of Russian volume tweezers, giving you even more precision when creating handmade volume fans from individual lashes.

PRO-04 Arc

The PRO-04 Arc Pro tweezers have a subtle S shaped, short soft curve. These are affectionately known as the baby crescent of Pro-02 as they are a shorter version. Which can come in handy when you need an extra precise grip.

They are designed specifically for curved tweezers users who want to create more narrow looking fans for their clients. These precision volume tweezers will be your best friend when using lash competition sets.

PRO-05 Smile

The PRO-05 Smile tweezers are shaped with a robust S curve for extra grip when creating stunning looks for your clients.

If your clients prefer fluffier volume sets then these tweezers will be the perfect tool and will surely make you smile.

Visit our website to learn more about this range and get your own volume elite tweezers today.

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