Best Brushes for Lash Cleansing

When it comes to eyelash extensions it’s important to ensure they’re applied to a clean lash line and that they are kept clean. Without the right products it can be hard for your clients to maintain their beautiful lashes.

The following brushes are ideal for lash artists and your clients in preparation and aftercare for eyelash extensions.

Lash Cleansing Brushes

These soft bristled cleanser brushes guarantee a gentle and deep clean of your client’s lashes and lash lines. The soft synthetic fibres encase the entire lash to provide a 360 degree clean.

Each colour brush has a slightly different design and length of bristle, which serve unique purposes.

The black brush has longer bristles in the middle for a more precise clean. The pink brush features five small round sections which are slightly longer for deeper cleansing. The white brush has uniform bristles that are perfect for all types of general lash cleaning.

These are perfect for cleansing before and after lash treatments. Prior to your client’s treatment these brushes are ideal for removing makeup, oils and dirt, so you ensure you are applying your extensions to a clean lash line.

You can also recommend these brushes to your clients for their aftercare routines. With a little foam cleanser or lash shampoo your clients can work the brush in circular motions over their lash line and eyelids to break down any product or debris.

These brushes are designed to be washed and reused, much like many of your client’s regular makeup brushes, which will save them money.

Applicators / Cleansing Brushes

These brushes have angled tips which make it easy to remove makeup, oils and traces of dust quickly and easily from your client’s lashes and lash lines.

You can use these brushes for all your lash needs with primers, boosters, cleaners or makeup remover. They are ideal for cleaning, prepping and removing eyelash extensions.

We have two designs in these brushes: the simple and elegant pink, white and black design and the full glam with glitter in a range of colours. Both of these sets of brushes are disposable and come in packs of 50 so you are sure to have plenty of brushes.

Lint-free Micro Brushes


These lint-free micro brushes are designed for applying primer or super bonder during lash extension applications, however they work well with makeup removers and cleansers for cleaning also.

The long tip micro brushes have a 12mm long head which is bendable to assist with cleaning your client’s lash lines with ease. Our lint-free micro brushes have a smaller tip and do not bend, they are ideal for spot cleaning and dabbing on lash cleansers.

Both of these packs of brushes are disposable and are sold in sets of 100.

Mascara Wands

Mascara wands can be used for more than just applying mascara, they’re also good for separating, combing, and brushing your lashes. The design of these brushes makes them perfect for gently removing any buildup of debris, oils and old makeup.

We have two sets of mascara brushes depending on your style. We have the simplistic, yet elegant gold and black or gold and pink ones or you can go full glam with our glitter brushes which come in a range of bright colours.

As lash artists we know you go through plenty of wands, so each of these packs come with 50 pieces. With these brushes you can bend the heads slightly so you can get the ideal angle with ease when trying to clean your lashes.

You can visit our website to browse our range and learn more about our eyelash brushes.

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