Lash Care Tips for Your Clients

As a lash artist, your clients look to you for all the important information regarding their new extensions, so it’s essential that you know a few tricks and pass them on with care and authority.

Lash extensions aren’t as fragile as porcelain tea sets, but they will look nicer for longer if they’re treated with a tender touch.

When it comes to eyelash extension aftercare, there are a few things that your clients need to know. This guide will help you teach your clients how to keep their extensions looking great for as long as possible.

Avoid Oils

Much like moisture, oil based products can affect the retention of your lashes.

Your clients should be advised to use oil free moisturisers, eye makeup, and facial cleansers, especially in the eye area.

Avoid the Eye Area

When applying makeup it is important to avoid the eye area as much as possible to protect your lashes. This includes not using mascara, eyeliner, and waterproof makeup.

Also, try to avoid the eye area with the foundation as it can be very hard to clean. The build-up could cause not only irritation but also could ruin the extensions as well.

Minimise Touching

Placing pressure or force on your lashes can cause them to come loose or fall out, so it’s important to encourage your clients to be gentle with them.

While it can be tempting to run your fingers along or play with new lashes, it’s important that you warn your clients to fight the temptation.

Subconscious habits such as rubbing your eyes can be harder to break, but if given enough warning, your clients can spend some time prior to the application trying to curb their habits to protect their lashes.

Sleep on Your Back

If your client is the kind of person that is used to sleeping on their stomach, then this could be difficult to adjust to, but their lashes will thank you.

Sleeping on the side or stomach can place stress on the lashes and compromise their retention. Making your clients aware of this prior to their appointment can give them a chance to adjust their sleeping habits.

It can also be a good idea to encourage your lash clients to invest in soft pillowcases to ensure their lashes are treated with the utmost care.

Avoid Chemicals, Peels & Facials

Many facial services are high in oils, and chemicals so if your clients are wanting the full treatment with a facial or chemical peel, this should be scheduled a few days after their lash application.

These treatments can also put unnecessary pressure on your client’s eyes and therefore their lashes. They are perfectly safe, but for their lash’s sake it’s best to just wait a few days.

Regular Cleaning

This tip may seem a little hard after we’ve just told you to avoid doing almost anything to your lashes.

After the first day or so, your clients should be cleaning their lashes daily to keep them free of debris and oils. This process needs to be done with a gentle hand to avoid placing any strain on the extensions.

Your clients can use gentle cleansing products, such as our Posh Deluxe Lash Shampoo with a soft bristled brush to clean their lashes daily. When using makeup remover they should use soft face towels or wet wipes instead of cotton balls or swabs as the white fibres can get stuck between the lashes. It is also important to wash their brushes more frequently, especially mascara wands.

If your clients adopt these habits, their lashes will be sure to keep their hold for longer and continue looking amazing.

To learn more tips regarding lash extensions you can take one of our training courses, or visit our website to browse our products.

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