Great Eyelash Extension Application Tips & Tricks

When you’re first starting out, applying lash extensions can be a tricky process. With time and practice, you will perfect the basics and start to learn more advanced techniques.

In the meantime, we have put together a list of extension tips and tricks of the trade to help you create killer looks for your clients.

Focus on Pre-Treatment

The pre-treatment is just as important as the application process. It can be the difference between a stronghold and your extensions falling prematurely.

So, it is important to not rush it or skip any steps.

Clean the Lashes

No matter how many times you request it, you are bound to get clients who turn up with a full face of makeup. When this happens you must take your time to remove the makeup thoroughly, especially in the eye area.

However, even for those who do listen and come in makeup-free, you need to clean their lashes with lash shampoo. This will help remove any debris around the lashes.

After washing and rinsing the lashes, you may use primer to open the cuticle to help the adhesive to wrap for stronger bond.

Eyepatch Position

Finding the correct position for the eyepatches can be tricky the first few times, but it will eventually become second nature.

Incorrect positioning can cause discomfort or pain for your clients, so it is important to place them correctly. The most important thing to remember is to avoid the waterline.

Place the patch at the inner corners of the eyes first and then follow along the eye line. This method will provide more control and allow for perfect positioning every time.

Choose The Right Style

Everyone is unique and has different shaped eyes and lashes. This means that not every style will be possible for every client.

It is important to take some time to evaluate their natural lashes and discuss techniques with your client before their appointment.

Application Tricks

Once the pre-treatment is complete, then you can move on to the transformation. Applying stunning eyelash extensions.

Use Proper Extension Placement

Correct lash extension placement is essential to making your client’s lashes look great and keeping them comfortable. Placing an extension too close to the eyelid can cause discomfort and pain while placing them too far away can stress the natural lashes and can be unhealthy. It is recommended to apply the extensions with 0.3 to 0.5mm distance away from the skin.

Don’t Over or Under Do The Adhesive

For maximising retention, it is important to use the ideal amount of adhesive.

Adding too much adhesive can make the lashes too heavy and lots of stickies. Whereas, using a very small amount will make the adhesive cure too fast and could cause retention issues.

To ensure you use the right amount of adhesive every time, use a low scooping motion when grabbing the adhesive.

Check Lash Direction

It can take time and practice to learn how to ensure lash extensions always point in the right direction. When done well, the inner and outer lashes should fan outwards while the rest point ahead.

A tip to help make this easier is to picture a sunrise and fan the lashes out in that pattern. You may move your chair around to get your direction right and for more comfort.

Check For Stickies

‘Stickies’ is the term lash artists use to describe eyelashes that stick together during the application process. They occur most commonly when an extension is applied when a neighbouring lash’s adhesive is not yet dry. The best way to avoid stickies is to improve your isolation techniques. This could mean using a more precise or even a second pair of tweezers to separate the lashes.

The best tip for ensuring your client doesn’t have any stickies is to spend some time at the end of the session to thoroughly check their lashes with tweezers. If you do find any, then you can simply remove the adhesive, clean the lash and apply a new extension.

Encourage Proper Aftercare

While you can’t control what your clients do, it’s your job to provide them with all the aftercare information and encourage them to enact it. Aftercare is essential to ensure long-lasting and healthy extensions that look great.

The most important tips that you can give your clients are to keep their lashes makeup-free, clean them regularly, and try not to touch them.

Learn From An Expert

The true key is to practice, practice, practice, as that is the best way to learn. To gain practical experience and expert advice is to take one of our extension courses. In our training courses,you will learn everything from foundational eyelash extension basics to competition-level skills.

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