The Best of Posh Deluxe’s Stunning Classic Lashes

There are so many lash extension styles to choose from. While volume lashes are absolutely stunning, classic eyelash extensions can also be elegant and provide a more natural look.

Our Posh Deluxe classic lash trays come in a range of different sizes and curls. We have everything from 0.10mm to 0.15mm, and curls from B to CC to L & M.

What Are Classic Lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions are, as their name suggests: classic. They are simple, natural-looking lash extensions. They are best applied with one extension on one natural lash.

Classic extension application generally takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. The look should be so soft and natural that you can barely tell it’s not just mascara.

Classic lashes come in a wide variety of materials, thicknesses and curls, so it’s important to chat with your clients about their desired looks. These lashes can also be mixed with volume lashes to create more voluminous or hybrid looks.

While they’re not designed to add volume, they will help your lashes look longer and make it look like your makeup is done from the moment you wake up. They also help to create an even lash line that opens up the eyes.

Classic / Volume Champion Black Lashes

Our Posh Deluxe Classic / Volume Champion Black Lashes are made from the best Korean polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) material. These smooth, jet black lash extensions are soft yet durable, and offer amazing retention.

Our multi-award-winning lash artists have tested these lashes extensively, and all of our clients have loved them. They are created at high temperatures and each set goes through a strict inspection procedure to ensure precise and attractive curls.

Our classic lashes require little preparation, coming on an easy to peel lash strip. For an ultimate stress-free lash application experience, they are best paired with our high precision tweezers.

These lashes come in B, C, CC, D, L and M curls. Each lash tray comes with 16 lines of extensions, so you are sure to have more than enough lashes to create classic, hybrid or volume looks.

These trays come in a range of lengths from 7mm all the way up to 14mm, and you can even get mixed length trays. These classic lashes also come in diameters of 0.10mm, 0.12mm and 0.15mm.

The 0.10mm extensions are perfect for a delicate and natural classic set. They also fan simply so you can create hybrid or volume lashes using Russian volume fanning techniques.

The 0.12mm and 0.15mm classic lashes are lightweight. This makes them ideal for creating a natural lash look by using a one-by-one technique.

Posh Deluxe Premium Classic Lashes

Complete your classic lashes and volume looks with Posh Deluxe’s Premium Classic Lashes. Similarly, to our Classic / Volume Champion Black Lashes, these extensions are made from high-quality sterilised Korean PBT Material.

They come in packs of 18 lines in a deep, black shade. They are also stress-free and easy to peel.

Like the above option, these lash trays come in diameters of 0.10mm, 0.12mm, and 0.15mm, and lengths ranging from 7mm to 12mm, as well as mixed length trays.

These lashes also undergo an intensive inspection process and are made using high temperatures to ensure perfect curls in each pack. These lashes come in C, CC and D curls.

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