Why it’s Important to Use Lash Shampoo for Eyelash Extensions

As a lash artist you likely already promote lash shampoo to your clients, but do you really know what it does?

This blog will help clear up any mysteries and questions you may have about lash cleansers so you can explain it to your clients with confidence.

What is Lash Shampoo For?

Our natural lashes are mostly self-cleaning, or get washed as collateral as part of our face cleansing routine. Lash extensions however, require a little extra TLC.

Extensions can be sensitive to some of the ingredients, such as mineral oil, in regular facial cleansers and makeup removers, so it’s important to use gentle oil-free products.

Lash shampoo is gentle on the eyes, extensions, and the adhesive. It helps clean away any residual makeup, dust, skin flakes, and any other substances that accumulate on your extensions throughout the day.

How To Use it

To keep your lashes looking and feeling great it is important to clean them at least once a day. To make it easy to remember, you can incorporate it into your morning and evening skin care routines.

When cleaning your lashes it is important to use light touches.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply the foam cleanser to your cleansing brush, and without applying too much pressure, massage the product onto the lashes getting right to the base.
  2. Then you simply rinse the extensions with warm water, ensuring that all residue is gone.
  3. Finish by lightly dabbing them dry with a soft towel.


There are a few common misconceptions around cleaning the eye area and lash extensions.

One of these is that you should never get your extensions wet because it will compromise the integrity of the adhesive. With the new technology nowadays, using products like Supreme Bond and Elite Bond Adhesives with boosters, Easy Wrap and Superbonder - you won’t need to wait 24 to 48 hours anymore. These new products in the market can cure adhesives instantly. Which means that the clients can clean and wash their lashes right away.

Another misconception is that any oil-free makeup remover or baby shampoo will work as a good lash shampoo substitute. While these products should not irritate your eyes, they may still have oils or ingredients that can affect the adhesive bonds. It is best to be safe and always use specialised lash cleansers.

What Are the Benefits?

Lash shampoo offers a range of benefits for your eyelash and lash extensions health and retention.

Stronger Bond

One of the biggest benefits of keeping your extensions clean is to ensure they have the best bond to your natural lashes.

The best analogy is to think about trying to tape something to a dirty surface. This never works; the tape sticks to the debris and falls off the surface. The same thing happens with lash extensions.

While the natural lashes should be cleaned before the extensions are applied, debris can settle on the adhesive after-the-fact. Regular cleaning will ensure that this is not extensive and that your extensions will hold.

When oils, skin flakes, dirt or makeup build up on your extensions it can break down the adhesive causing the lashes to fall prematurely.

Healthy Lashes

Build up of oils, dust and debris is about as healthy as it sounds. This can also lead to inflammation and infections of the eyes.

Regular cleaning to remove any build up can help to ensure you and your clients avoid this potential pain and suffering.

Where Can You Get It?

At Posh Deluxe we understand that clean lashes are healthy lashes. We stock all of your lash cleansing needs. From cleaning brushes, to wipes, and lash shampoos.

We have a cleansing formula of our own. Our Posh Deluxe Lash Shampoo comes with a cleansing brush and is designed to help clients keep their natural lashes and extensions clean, healthy and free of debris.

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